Quality Assurance Policy

Supplier Food Safety:
Our suppliers are selected, assessed and rewarded through supplier tracking and recognition system (STAR). In supplier selection process, we conduct two audits. Firstly, new supplier pre-assessment audit and secondly, food safety audit by a prescribed format. If the suppliers pass the first pre-assessment audit, then the supplies undergo the next food safety audit. The supplier is selected only after they get a certain score in food safety audit and we are sure that their food is free of potential food safety hazards. If it fails to get the passing score, supplier is given a time-frame to close all potential non-conformances before the next audit is done.

Distribution Center Quality:
Two different central warehouses are used for product distribution; one for cold products and another for dry items. Two audits are conducted on warehouses by YUM! approved auditors.

Transportation Audit:
All vehicles transporting dry and cold products are audited twice per year as per YUM! guidelines.

Restaurant Food safety:
Nothing is more important to us than protecting our customers and our brand by preventing health risks from arising in any of our restaurants. Our primary objective is to keep our customers safe. The nature of our business demands that we are constantly aware of, and respond to, potential health and safety issues related to the food we serve.
Our ingredients receiving protocols include the following checks:
• Temperature of the vehicle and products
• Cleanliness and pest free vehicles
• Shelf-life and integrity of products
• Products stacking and cross-contamination issues

For operational food safety and quality assurance, we monitor the following aspects:
• Personal Hygiene and sanitation
• Cleanliness of equipment and utensils
• Floor and ceiling cleanliness
• Outside cleanliness
• Exterior and interior pest control
• Shelf-life declaration by MRD (M=Make time, R=Ready time and D=Discard time)
• Temperature records of products and equipments

External Third Party Audit:
Food Safety Compliance Check is initiated each year which is conducted by YUM! nominated auditors.

Quality testing of raw and finished goods:
Transcom Foods Ltd. conducts microbiological testing of all major items from external reputed laboratory. In addition, Quality Assurance personnel conduct product cutting based on organoleptic attributes of all major products per quarter.

Water Quality Testing:
All food processing water and ice is purified by trusted purifier. Monthly water test by a reputed laboratory is conducted for all Pizza Hut outlets.